Sunday, July 3, 2016

Carry 117

We were fortunate to not only have a friendship, but become like family, to the wonderful people who started Carry 117 in Ethiopia. The Carry 117 model revolves around the belief that economic empowerment provides the foundation necessary for sustainable, long-term development. Check out their website--they are amazing!! 

Carry 117

Friday, April 18, 2014

April 18- Layla House and Kidane Mehret Catholic Orphanage: One last hug with the babies before the airport (and a little bowling)

"Today is our last day and we will visit two orphanages before heading to the airport this evening. I have soaked in this entire experience and have attempted to honor the Lord Jesus. My favorite part? Watching five young men I have loved since they were youngsters be the hands and feet of Christ-Matthew Corkins, Sam Starr, Mack Starr, Kyle Fox, and Christopher Frye."  Mrs. Zuidema
Kyle and friends

Meet Joey's friend, Kalid!

Mrs. Zuidema and Danny at Layla

AND a little bowling.....

Friday, our last day: 
Kidane Mehret Catholic Orphanage

Last Layla pics....